Ed Sheeran quiere volverse aún más famoso

Ed Sheeran wants to get even more famous

Ed Sheeran wants to get even more famous

Number 1 in America

wantedthe 21/05/2015 | 11:37

In his homeland of Great Britain, Ed Sheeran has long been one of the biggest stars the music industry has ever seen. In the US, the sympathetic redhead has yet to catch up based on his own assessment. After all, she is not as successful as Taylor Swift or Beyonce.

Ed Sheeran wants to surpass Taylor Swift

But Ed Sheeran wants to face these two ladies of show business of all people. After all, both Taylor Swift and Beyonce regularly secure top positions on America’s charts. Although Ed Sheeran was voted number one in America with his current album “X” and has already performed on stage with Taylor Swift and Beyonce, The singer apparently doesn’t look on the same level as the two musicians.

Right now, Taylor is the benchmark in the United States and in many other countries, “explains Ed Sheeran about the competitive situation.that rules between him and his good friend Taylor Swift, Entertainment Weekly said. The 24-year-old has set a goal for the future: “I want her in America [Taylor Swift, Anm. d. Red.] reach. “Ed Sheeran is very ambitious

Ed Sheeran fondly remembers his performance with Beyonce

For this ambitious goal, Ed Sheeran is ready to work hard, as he revealed in an interview with “Entertainment Weekly”: “I think I have to work hard because she has been doing it ten years longer than I have.. If she surpassed it, she would be even more ambitious and get more done. But that would only be healthy. Just as it would be healthy for me if I got ahead of myself in the UK, because then I would be stimulated again. But Taylor Swift isn’t the only musician pushing Ed Sheeran to have even more ambition.. The Englishman definitely wants to keep up with Queen B. “When I was playing Beyonce, that was the only time I like a rock star Ed Sheeran is excited about his performance with Beyonce in February 2015.

What you think? Can Ed Sheeran take on Tay and Bey? Or does the 24-year-old suffer from a strong touch of pride?

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