Eddie Redmayne está abrumado por su Oscar

Eddie Redmayne is overwhelmed by his Oscar

Eddie Redmayne is overwhelmed by his Oscar

Oscar wins

wanted02/23/2015 | 12:39

Eddie Redmayne showed how fast he can sometimes go at yesterday’s Oscars. With his impressive portrayal of the physics genius Stephen Hawking, who suffers from the nerve disease ALS, in “The Discovery of Infinity”, the Briton has grown from a young talent, known only to connoisseurs, to large numbers in the world. movie business. Now Eddie Redmayne was able to get the well-deserved reward and secure the Oscar for “Best Actor.”

Eddie Redmayne won’t forget this year’s awards season anytime soon. After all, thanks to his brilliant performance in the biopic “The Discovery of Infinity,” he was able to win the most prestigious film awards on the planet with the Golden Globe, the BAFTA Award and the SAG Award even before the Oscars. Last Sunday night at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, the coveted golden boy was added to the actual category of “Best Actor,” a fact Eddie Redmayne could hardly believe on the grand Oscars stage. “Thanks a lot! I don’t think I can express how I feel at the moment, but one thing you must know: that I am aware that I am a very, very happy person, “said the 33-year-old during her acceptance speech.

Eddie Redmayne is deeply moved

The fact that Eddie Redmayne is such a lucky guy isn’t just due to the numerous trophies the heartthrob won at the Oscars and in recent weeks. In December he finally married his girlfriend Hannah Bagshawe. But this threatens the danger of not being the center of attention on his own four walls in the future. “Hannah, I love you, we now have a new roommate in our apartment,” Eddie Redmayne joked as he recovered at the Oscars and the first tears of joy dried up. “I’ll take care of him, polish him, be there for him, serve him from front to back.”

Eddie Redmayne Thanks Stephen Hawking

The Oscar seems to be in the best of hands with Eddie Redmayne, especially since the shooting star is fully aware that, despite his exceptional talent, he was able to climb the Acting Olympics thanks to the support of Stephen Hawking and his family. “This award belongs to everyone fighting ALS around the world. It belongs to a prominent family, the Hawkings. Without the help of many people, I would not be here now ”, explained the Briton. Even at the time of his greatest triumph, Eddie Redmayne doesn’t seem to lose his touch.

Hannah Bagshawe should keep a close eye on her husband in the next few days. After his acceptance speech, Eddie Redmayne can even take his Oscar to bed.

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