Eddie Redmayne gana el premio "Mejor vestido"

Eddie Redmayne Wins Best Dressed Award

Eddie Redmayne wins the award "Best dressed"

Best Dressed 2015

wantedon 06/01/2015 | 11:16

With his role as physics genius Stephen Hawking in the blockbuster “The Discovery of Infinity,” Eddie Redmayne not only delivered an Oscar-worthy performance, but also became the center of attention of film audiences and the media. Although the actor still has to wait for the big film awards, he has already won the first awards of the year: after having been successful at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the British edition of the men’s magazine “GQ” has now voted Eddie Redmayne for “Best Dressed Man in Britain 2015.”

Whether it’s Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice Awards or SAG Awards, Eddie Redmayne already tops the list of nominations at major film industry awards ceremonies. Even a nomination for this year’s Oscars is anything but unlikely given his acting performance in “The Discovery of Infinity.” Eddie Redmayne did not receive his first grand prize of the year for his acting talent. Instead, Britain’s “GQ” has now named him the best dressed man in Britain.

Eddie Redmayne sets the tone on the red carpet

That Eddie Redmayne has a flair for fashion isn’t a huge surprise. Not in vain the Briton, who turns 33 this Tuesday, has already gained his first experience as a model for the luxury brand Burberry. “This charismatic young actor makes every outfit look contemporary and stylish,” said H&M designer Andreas Löwenstam, explaining Eddie Redmayne’s choice. The handsome man is also a “true inspiration for men’s fashion.”

Eddie Redmayne prevails against the great competition

It took a big leap to win this prestigious election: last year Eddie Redmayne had to be content with 27th place. But this time Stephen Hawking’s actor outperformed all competitors. That this was not child’s play is shown by the field of the defeated. With Benedict Cumberbatch in second place and Jamie Dornan in third place, two colleagues behind Eddie Redmayne who are also the center of attention on every red carpet in no time. Whether this success bodes well for the actor for the upcoming awards season remains to be seen.

The year is only a few days old, and Eddie Redmayne can already celebrate his first success: the shooting star easily leaves all his colleagues on the red carpet. Fingers crossed that he can do that too with the biggest movie awards in the coming weeks!

Image Source: © Getty Images / Frazer Harrison