Edge: la promesa de Motorola de nuevas actualizaciones de Android es demasiado corta

Edge: Motorola’s promise of new Android updates is too short

Motorola is sticking to the strategy of the more recent past. You don’t want to talk about future Android updates and promise as little as possible.

Motorola was one of the manufacturers from the beginning that had thrown much of its own Android software away. Unfortunately, in the end, this didn’t mean that the Android software would stick around longer due to less effort. In recent years there has been bad news about Motorola, with some devices trying to break their own promises. Or Motorola deviated with its own devices from what the partially installed Android One actually promised customers.

Motorola ignores the latest versions of Android

Motorola announced a few weeks ago the new Edge smartphones, of which only one model will arrive in Europe. Basically, these new Android smartphones are likely to be equally dependent on a decision. That is, deciding how many Android updates the company plans for these devices. Motorola underlines the strategy of recent years to hide this issue in the best possible way. For a Wired report, the Lenovo subsidiary stated that it currently only wants to guarantee the upgrade to Android 11 (Fall 2020).

To update: Motorola has now corrected its statement to the Androida authority and would also like to guarantee Android 12. That sounds a lot better, of course, although Android 13 shouldn’t be a glitch next year.

This doesn’t have to mean that you can’t get Android 13 on Edge smartphones. But Motorola does not guarantee that the software will be kept for more than a year or after Android 11. The Edge is priced at just under 600 euros, so the manufacturer also targets users with higher demands. How can one change to retire in such an area?

Of course, this does not mean that all other manufacturers communicate a clear update guarantee. Unfortunately, that is not the case either. I am also aware that Android updates are not a hot topic in the mass market. However, I advise against devices for which I can see if the software will only keep for a short period of time. Many people rarely buy smartphones, so the long-term provision of new software is definitely a factor.

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