Egipto en la guerra civil?

Egypt in the civil war?

Egypt in the civil war?

+++ What happened? +++

It all started in 2011 with the so-called “Arab Spring”. Egyptians across the country protested on the “Day of Wrath” against then-President Mubarak, who actually abdicated and was sentenced to life in prison in a 2012 trial. New problems began when new President Mohammed Morsi was given more power over the judiciary of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. When a new draft constitution was presented, which was supposed to be based on Sharia law, the situation worsened and the military felt compelled to intervene. The country has been divided ever since.

+++ Who is fighting whom? +++

On one side are the Muslim Brotherhood and their followers. They believe that President Morsi was elected correctly and they want to reinstate him at the top. On the other hand there are the so-called “Tamarud” (Arabic for “rebellion” or “uprising”). This group has protested against Morsi from the beginning, it fights for democracy and is supported by the military.

+++ Is there a threat of civil war? +++

At the moment it almost looks like this, because the two sides are irreconcilable enemies and they face a lot of hatred and intolerance. The Ministry of the Interior has also instructed police officers to use live ammunition, so many more deaths can be expected. When a protest camp was dissolved, a few days ago there were shootings between the military and protesters. Around 600 people died and more than 4,000 were injured. The journalists were also said to have been attacked and several were killed, including a Sky journalist and a young Egyptian reporter.

+++ Is it dangerous for tourists? +++

The Federal Foreign Office currently has a warning on its website advising against visiting all of Egypt. Besides the big cities, there have also been riots in tourist centers.

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