Los teléfonos inteligentes Samsung perdidos ahora se pueden encontrar sin Internet

eID on Galaxy: Samsung enables identity cards on smartphones

Lost Samsung smartphones can now be found without internet

Now the German identity card comes in the smartphone. Samsung is the first manufacturer to make this possible on its Galaxy phones.

Personally, I have been dreaming about the digital version of our personal data for a long time, I just carry my driver’s license and ID card on my smartphone. Samsung is the first manufacturer to support this in Germany soon, the South Korean group announced. As soon as the new feature is available, Mobile ID will be available first on current Galaxy S20 series smartphones.

“Samsung Galaxy S20 series smartphones, including the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra, will be the first to declare that they comply with BSI3’s eID security framework for sovereign use. Thanks to the security architecture incorporated in the Samsung Galaxy S20, the eID solution offers a level of security up to “substantial” level 4 according to the EU eIDAS regulation. This regulation aims to ensure that EU citizens can use their national eIDs across borders and that misuse or changes to government-issued ID cards are prevented ”.

This requires a smartphone from the mentioned series of devices, but of course also a corresponding ID card with NFC. All you need to do is use the Bundesdruckerei application to store your personal data. The ID can be “transferred” to the smartphone via NFC using this application. With the eID you can, for example, open bank accounts or use the digital services of the authorities.

Appropriate hardware is required

Samsung advertises that its own high-end smartphones have the proper security hardware inside. “The Galaxy S20 series offers the highest level of encryption available, as evidenced by the recently obtained Common Criteria Assessment Assurance Level (CC EAL) 6 + 5. It’s the latest series from Samsung, backed by the industry-leading eSE. “

Data like credit cards or ID cards is isolated and encrypted on the smartphone. This should offer the maximum protection necessary for this sensitive data. Such a security processor offers an additional level of security to protect against external attacks.

For example, Google offers the titanium chip, which is built into Pixel phones for added security.

Identification on smartphone will soon be possible

Samsung plans to introduce the announced innovations throughout the year, but was unable to give an exact date. We look forward to compatibility with the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 smartphones, which will see the light of day in August, and all other high-end smartphones in the near future. It’s less predictable when perhaps mid-range smartphones will also be equipped with the necessary hardware.

Some time ago I informed about the digital functions that are possible with the modern ID card. Something quite good that should be expanded in the future. At some point we have everything on the phone, our personal data, means of payment, as well as the keys to the house and the car. In my opinion, it is something quite fascinating if you want to digitize your own life.

via Samsung