Descarga eléctrica a los estudiantes

Electric shock to students

Electric shock to students

Headache and nausea from electric shock

The painful ones Trials are scheduled for October 2013 They have taken place. According to the prosecutor, the students voluntarily participated in the experiments suggested by the professor. At the time, they probably didn’t know how painful it was going to be for them. The young people had to take outlets through which the teacher let the electricity flow.

It proved that it was not just small electric shocks theHeadache and nausea what some students complained about after the experiments. One of the students even dropped out Burn blisters to. The teacher paid this voluntarily before the start of the process. Compensation for pain and suffering of 2000 euros, reported the Bavarian radio.

Discrimination against students

But that’s not all: the vocational school teacher not only gave his guinea pig painful electric shocks, but also made racist statements against some of his students. A blond boy referred to as “Aryans” and one He insulted young people of Czech origin as “an inferior race who cannot do anything with foul blood.” It’s hard to believe that this teacher was allowed to teach!