Elyas M'Barek calumnia a Caro Daur: estas malas palabras lo dicen todo

Elyas M’Barek slanders Caro Daur: these bad words say it all

Elyas M'Barek slanders Caro Daur: these bad words say it all

Influencers, bloggers, millennials – Opinions have been divided here from the beginning: Is this a real job? Designer clothes have just been thrown behind you and you don’t have to do more than post a photo of them. This opinion is not uncommon. As soon as the word blogger is put in his mouth, he repeatedly receives an incomprehensible nod and a dismissive snort in response. You really have to say: it’s not easy for influencers. Most of them made their way from the bottom up. Sometimes they were also lucky and finally met the right people and stars whom they accepted into their circle of friends and thus became celebrities. One of them is one of the most successful influencers in Germany today: Caro Daur. His fortune is now estimated at around one million euros a year. Her breakthrough was her appearance on the runway at the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan last year. With her ex-GNTM BFF Stefanie Giesinger, the Hamburg blonde catapulted herself into the senses of blogger fans and now has over a million followers on her Instagram account.

Is Elyas M’Barek’s Diss really justified?

But this success is absolutely incomprehensible to many, because How can you call a blogger a real profession? At least that’s the opinion of the German actor and girl crush Elyas M’Barek. The “Fack ju Göhte” star met Caro Daur at a promotional event and quickly made fun of the blonde. But how did it happen? After the two were asked to stand next to each other so he could take a photo of them together, he couldn’t help but blatantly dissolve them. In front of the camera, Elyas made comments like You have to sell something! I have to pick up a product to publish it. So it is with you“See, after that she probably didn’t want to put your selfie online right away. Caro thought that was anything but funny, because she only responded to this comment with a very professional smile, which was anything but warm.

What she cannot do, he has been able to do for a long time and that is why the photo ended up on his Instagram account with the signature: “I asked him about his work, he had no answer.”