Agradable, en forma, sin afeitar

Elyas: sexual confession

Nice, fit, unshaven

Otherwise, the swarm of girls and actors always tries to keep his private life under lock and key, but in the interview with “Zeit Magazin” he reveals a lot about what sex is like with him and if he is good at kissing.

Intimate details about your sex life

Finally, the gallant did not beat around the bush. In the interview, he revealed that he claims to be kiss well. Also, it is not a misunderstanding that he many “birds”. We almost think that one or the other would like to get into bed with him. But that’s not all, because they also asked him if he was more of a 3-minute or 30-second man in bed. Elyas responded to this very intimate question with the following statement: “No, that takes longer. I am circumcised ”. And by the way, he always brings condoms with him, like his mother taught him to do.

Sex on the beach

Because he was in such a talkative mood, Elyas also said that he was I had sex on the beach once. By the way in Thailand – If it was during filming? In any case, it must have been a special moment because he goes on to explain: “There was lightning. A storm fell. Wow! “