Insertar videos en videos: así es como funciona la edición de video

Embed Videos into Videos – Here’s How Video Editing Works

Embed Videos into Videos - Here's How Video Editing Works

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Would you like to add another video to an existing video? Then you can find out here how it works in just a few steps. Insert videos into videos – this is how it works!

It doesn’t matter if you want to put together vacation videos, capture party nights, or shoot a wedding movie, at some point there comes a point where multiple videos merged It needs to be converted. It is not as difficult as it seems at first. Here’s how to do it!

Everyone should have these programs on their computers:

Insert videos into videos, with what program?

There are various programs that can be used to insert videos into videos. Among them, for example VISCO editor (which is mainly focused on editing on the smartphone) or the VSDC editor. In this article, however, we will focus on editing with Camtasia. This program can also be used on the PC and is particularly useful due to the easy to handle suitable for beginners.

You must take this into account when putting them together.

Although we recommend Camtasia Studio for beginners here, this is the program not free. However, if you only want to insert videos into videos one or several times in a very short time, you can click the free demo version put on. This serves its purpose and does not have to be purchased.

If you have filmed the videos with your smartphone, you can Loss of quality come. Therefore, it is advisable to improve the video quality, with the help of some programs.

This is how step-by-step insertion works!

  1. Install Camtasia Studio on your laptop or PC
  2. Launch the program and click “Import media”
  3. Now you can choose one of the two videos and upload it
  4. Import it with a right click on the timeline and load that second video high
  5. Instead of importing this to the timeline, you now need to click “Add” and then in “Video PIP” click
  6. Now you can decide where in the first video the second video should be inserted
  7. This works by moving the video with the left mouse button held down until you have found the sweet spot
  8. Now you also have the opportunity to Adjust size and for example only one small cutout from the video to show
  9. With “Play” then you can see your video

Don’t forget to save your video correctly! ☺

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