Emma Watson: ¿se mudó con su novio?

Emma Watson: Did you move in with your boyfriend?

Emma Watson: Did you move in with your boyfriend?

Shared apartment?

wantedthe 09/11/2014 | 11:47

Emma Watson and her friend Matthew Janney brought rugs, furniture, pots and all sorts of objects from their London home to a moving van. Is the 24-year-old moving in with her boyfriend after about a year?

Emma Watson and rugby player Matthew Janney met last year at Oxford Universitywhere the actress spent a “year abroad” after studying literature for two years at Brown University in Rhode Island, from which she graduated in May of this year. Apparently Emma Watson and her lover are doing so well that they are now the two have decided to move in together.

Emma Watson: Have you moved in with your boyfriend?

In any case, last weekend Emma Watson was seen storing rugs, kitchen utensils, board games and all kinds of other quirks from her London home in the trunk of her boyfriend’s car. A moving company took over the larger furniture. “ME! According to News, “The couple were said to have loved each other very much during the move. An eyewitness who allegedly saw Emma Watson said: “At one point, Matthew hugged Emma and kissed her.” What better way to find a calm and understanding friend during a stressful day?

Emma Watson: Where is your new home?

But where do lovebirds move? Have you brought Emma Watson’s belongings to your boyfriend of three years’ apartment, or have you both looked for a new place to stay? Still, the British seem to have a hard time deciding on a city. Recently she revealed self-criticism: “People always ask, where do you live? What do you do?’. I do not know. I’m too young to decide if I’m here [in London, Anm. d. Red.], in New York or Los Angeles or wherever you want to live. And that’s exactly what I’ve struggled with for the past three years. You really should know. I should really commit. ” Well, Emma Watson would have taken a first step in planning her life by moving!

The first apartment they shared is something very special and certainly one of the reasons Emma Watson is jumping for joy. In addition to many positive things, moving in together is always a test of the relationship, as belongings get mixed up and it becomes more difficult to retire. So we cross our fingers for Emma Watson and Matthew Janney to keep things going.

Image Source: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain