Emma Watson vuelve a estar sola

Emma Watson is alone again

Emma Watson is alone again

Failed love

wanted12/12/2014 | 15:01

So shortly before the festival of family and love, we don’t like to hear that two stars go their separate ways again. Emma Watson is single again because the relationship with her now ex-boyfriend Matthew Janney could not withstand a severe test. What happened that broke Emma Watson’s love?

Actually, it all started so romantically: Emma Watson has been a star since she was a child and everyone not only knows her name, but was able to follow her steep career as well. But after a chapter in his life ended with the last part of “Harry Potter,” he seemed to yearn to live a normal life. So instead of resting on her laurels, Emma Watson went to “Brown University” and led a life that is quite atypical for a world star, because lecture halls and faculty lectures are probably not part of the everyday life of a Hollywood actress. – more than a relationship with a student.

Emma Watson has separated from Matthew Janney

Still, Emma Watson has been dating Oxford student and rugby player Matthew Janney since late last year. The two are said to have even planned to move into a common nest. It sounds like the beginning of a great love story in which the princess falls in love with a boy from the city, But, like in fairy tales, Emma Watson’s relationship also ran into big problems, because she is and remains a star who travels a lot. Can such a love work? Obviously not, because as it became known, the 24-year-old is single again.

Emma Watson has very little time

As confirmed by the spokeswoman for Emma Watson to the “Daily News”, the star of “Harry Potter” is alone again. The relationship with Matthew should have failed due to lack of time, because it was not enough that the ex-partner was enrolled in different universities, Emma Watson’s busy schedule was undoubtedly a reason for the separation.. The relationship could not bear this burden for even a year, so Emma Watson is once again one of the most desirable women in Hollywood.

And again a relationship that could not resist against Hollywood. With her love affair with her rugby player, Emma Watson has certainly tried to bring some normalcy back to her life, but sadly to no avail. It’s not yet known if Emma Watson herself has drawn the line, but she certainly won’t be alone for long.

Image Source: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain