Emma Watson sabe exactamente qué es Belle en uno "La bella y la Bestia"- Haría continuación

Emma Watson knows exactly what Belle is in one "Beauty and the Beast"- I would continue

Emma Watson knows exactly what Belle is in one "Beauty and the Beast"- I would continue

Emma Watson plays the inventive Belle in “Beauty and the Beast.” The actress is on fire for a sequel, and she already has an idea for her character’s future.


The real-life version of the Disney cartoon is a box office hit. More than $ 1.1 billion is already noisy Mojo locker it has taken the whole world – “Beauty and the Beast” is obviously well received by viewers. So it’s no wonder the word continuation gets louder. At the premiere of Emma Watson’s next movie, “The Circle,” she was from Access Hollywood (via Soon) asked what he thought of continuing the story. He would love to make a sequel and even get a clear idea of ​​how things could happen with the inventive and cultured Belle. “I always thought that Belle would become a teacher and the castle library [des Biestes] and open them to the villagers. “

Since March 16, 2017, Bill Condon’s fairy tale with Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Kevin Kline and Ian McKellen in other roles in local theaters. Shortly after the beginning, Sean Bailey, head of Disney’s sales division, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, rejected a pure sequel, but did not rule out other ways to continue the story. Explore the possibilities of prequels and spin-offs. This could shed light on Belle’s future, perhaps exactly as Watson envisions it.

Disney wants to produce many more real life animated classics, like “Dumbo” and “Mulan.” B. are already being planned. Watson will be seen in theaters in Germany from September 14, 2017 alongside Tom Hanks in James Ponsoldt’s “The Circle”.