Emma Watson responde a las críticas a las fotos de desnudos

Emma Watson responds to criticism of nude photos

Emma Watson responds to criticism of nude photos

Not a feminist?

“Beauty and the Beast” star Emma Watson has campaigned for women’s rights for years. As an ambassador for the UN, she gives these women a voice they cannot raise themselves without fear of dire consequences. Emma Watson is now being criticized for a revealing photo shoot for the American magazine “Vanity Fair.” The actress now rebutted the accusation that a true feminist would never flaunt herself in clear words.

Dressed only in a wide mesh bolero jacket from luxury brand Burberry, Emma Watson poses in the current edition of “Vanity Fair”. The cleavage of the young British woman is definitely the center of attention.

“I don’t know what my boobs have to do with it.”

True feminists, this is the criticism of many, do not need to distinguish themselves in this way by their appearance and instead of their abilities and their concerns to put their body in the foreground. Emma Watson sees it differently and defends herself in an interview with the BBC: “It’s about freedom, liberation, equality. I really don’t know what my boobs have to do with it. ” For critics who want to challenge feminists for the right to freedom of expression, she finds clear words: “Feminism is not a stick with which women are beaten.”

We find the debate equally absurd. The freedom to undress in public is also part of feminism. And just because Emma Watson smiles very frankly at us from the magazine for once, her hard work for women’s rights is not affected in any way.

Image Source: GettyImages / Johannes Eisele