Emociones, burlas y un precio para Irán

Emotions, mockery and a price for Iran

Emotions, mockery and a price for Iran

The Oscars 2017

Even in the run-up to this year’s Oscars, there was speculation about how politically the award winners’ acceptance speeches would be presented. After Meryl Streep harshly criticized President Trump when he received his Golden Globes earlier this year, we were curious to see how clearly the stars would express themselves at the biggest of all film awards. Here you can find out who was all the rage at the 89th Academy Awards, why Meryl Streep received a standing ovation and what is behind the award for the Iranian film “The Salesman.”

Host Jimmy Kimmel tweeted Trump live.

Standing ovations for Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep didn’t cause a stir at this year’s Oscars with a speech, but she was the focus of comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s welcome speech. Alluding to a tweet from Donald Trump, Kimmel described the seasoned actress as “highly overrated” and asked the audience to applaud her “totally undeserved.” Then all of a sudden the whole room stood up, because of course Kimmel’s statements only had an ironic meaning. The standing ovations not only paid tribute to Streep’s performances, but also mocked Trump’s remarks.

The president returned to play a role later that night. With a glance at his smartphone, Kimmel noted with concern that Trump had yet to send a single tweet about the Oscars. Kimmel then writes a direct message to the president live amid laughter from the audience: “Are you awake?” Then also add the hashtag #merylsayshi, which means “Meryl says hi.” Kimmel also congratulates the winners of the evening for the unique opportunity to be mentioned in capital letters by the president himself in a tweet if he has digestive problems early in the morning. Never before has such blatant taunting been seen at an Academy Awards ceremony, even if tones less socially critical than expected were struck.

The most emotional acceptance speech of the evening.

Davis was named Best Supporting Actress.

Overall, the conclusion of most Oscar fans this year is quite sober. Most of the speeches were limited to personal acknowledgments and were hardly worth mentioning. An acceptance speech was a bit more emotional: Viola Davis, also known for her starring roles in “The Help” and “How to Get Away with Murder,” barely stayed dry. With a shaking voice, she mentioned her motivation to be an actress: for her it is about telling the stories of the deceased that otherwise cannot be heard. With the award-winning film “Fences,” everyone involved brought the experiences of normal people to life. He paid tribute to his great model Denzel Washington with the words “oh captain, my captain”, alluding to the famous poem by Walter Whitman, who was visibly moved. Jimmy Kimmel then joked that Davis could now count on an Emmy nomination just for his acceptance speech. Here you can watch the moving speech again:

An Oscar for Iran: more than a film award

Director Ashgar Farhadi was represented in protest.

Special attention was paid to the awarding of the Oscars for the best foreign film in this country. But just like at the Golden Globes, the favorite “Toni Erdmann” left empty-handed. Instead, the Iranian film “The Salesman” received an award. However, the award could not be personally received by the film crew. The Iranian crew had already decided beforehand not to appear in protest of Trump’s racist immigration policy. The first Iranian-American space tourist, Anousheh Ansari, read director Ashgar Farhadi’s acceptance speech. In it he apologized for his absence, which is done solely out of respect for the residents of his country and the six other Muslim countries that have recently been barred from entering the United States. The award for an Iranian film was probably also intended to send a political signal against Trump’s anti-Muslim policies.

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