Fin de la aplicación forzada de iPhone: Apple pronto te dará más libertad

End of forced iPhone application: Apple will soon give you more freedom

End of forced iPhone application: Apple will soon give you more freedom

Well-known Apple blogger Mark Gurman claims to have discovered this information. According to a report from him in Bloomberg, Apple is considering making the standard iOS apps of iOS 14 freely selectable. After the update, it would be possible to have links open automatically in Chrome or Firefox or send email addresses automatically in Outlook or Gmail.

It is not yet known what other standard applications need to be replaced. Replacing the maps app with Google Maps, for example, would also be conceivable. The App Store certainly cannot be changed. Apple will also not allow any alternatives here to ensure the safety of iOS and to verify all applications before publication.

More music services for HomePod

The HomePod, Apple’s WiFi speaker, should also open. Here, other music services like Spotify should be supported natively. So you can save your Spotify account to HomePod and start playing music by voice command. Until now, it has only been possible to play music from other providers on the HomePod via AirPlay. To do this, the iPhone must be on the same W-LAN as the HomePod.

Are these changes voluntary?

It could be that Apple is not implementing the planned changes on a voluntary basis. In the United States, the prior practice was challenged at a hearing in the Antitrust Committee of the United States House of Representatives. The accusation is in the room that Apple is discriminating against third-party applications in favor of its own applications. Similar investigations are under way against Apple in Europe.

At Gurman’s request, Apple declined to comment on the matter. However, Apple only commented on planned features and rumors in very few cases. We’ll know more at Apple’s developer conference in June at the latest. This is where iOS 14 is introduced to the public for the first time.