Efímero: Elimina tatuajes reales sin láser.

Ephemeral: Remove real tattoos without laser.

Ephemeral: Remove real tattoos without laser.

Great invention

Chinese characters, “ass antlers” and tribes were a few years ago among the trends in tattoo art. However, today, users of these motifs are often not so happy with their tattoo choice anymore and want to get rid of the old dream motif. A new type of tattoo now should make it possible in the future that you no longer have to worry about your own aberration of taste or youthful sin, because the ink must be removed quickly and easily.

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Getting a tattoo is a matter of taste. And as with taste, it can change completely over the years. Until now there has only been the option that tattoos are no longer “burned” from the body by laser removal. Which can not only be very painful and expensive, but in many cases it is not even possible. The larger and darker a tattoo, the less likely it is that it can actually be completely removed. And so even after many expensive sessions with laser tattoo removal, unsightly lines still remain.

“Ephemeral”: never regret tattoos again

With the growing number of permanent body art fans (and those who regret their beautification experiment after a few years), the possibility of simple tattoo removal seems to be increasingly becoming a niche in the market. Therefore, a team of scientists from New York University, NYU, has addressed this issue and developed a new type of ink that should be easy to remove. Your new tattoo ink with the name “Ephemeral” (in English: “short-lived”) consists exclusively of biodegradable material and is produced with a suitable eraser ink. For example, it might now be possible, as a freshly baked single, to part ways with the name of the former lover, who was once passionately stabbed in the skin before the first new date is due.

Tattoo removal at the tattoo artist

To get rid of the hated motif, you don’t need to see a doctor, but you can simply have the removal done by a trusted tattoo artist. If you have been tattooed with the “Ephermal” ink, you can trace the lines of your motif with a normal tattoo needle, which you dip in a special solution that makes the ink disappear again. According to the inventors of “Ephermal”, you do not need any special equipment or special training.

The new procedure is also cheaper than laser removal: in addition to the work time your tattoo artist has to spend on removal, which depends on the size of the respective tattoo, the only additional costs are the costs of the solution, which are around 40 to 90. It must amount to euros. The shortcoming of the “short-lived” ink, which will hit the market in 2017, is that it starts to fade on its own after about a year.

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