ESO es el Next Top Model 2017 de Alemania

ESO is Germany’s Next Top Model 2017

ESO is Germany's Next Top Model 2017

11:06 pm: The time has come! The last decision is pending and Heidi now has a decision to make. Who could convince you the most today and who has made the most progress in recent months? It’s hard to believe that the twelfth season of GNTM has come to an end. THE NEXT TOPMODEL 2017 FROM GERMANY IS: CÉLINE!

10:40 pm: Final drive to Helene Fischer. Unfortunately, you can hear that she doesn’t sing live, which is really disappointing with such a star!

10:27 pm: It’s time to present the latest Top Model award. And Stefanie Giesinger will deliver this to one of the four nominees. Who will get the price for it? greater personality Get? Guiliana and Melina from Team Michael and Greta and Sabine from Team Thomas. And the final prize goes to Melina. His message to all viewers: “People, start loving your fellow men for who they are.” We give you our thumbs up for that!

10:01 pm: The flower power walk begins and the top 25 candidates walk the runway in elaborately embroidered clothing. Right in front: Julia. The two finalists Serlina and Céline will be lifted into the air in a ball of flowers at the end. Neither of you should be afraid of heights …

9:50 pm: And that’s not all! Because Julia was chosen by the public to open the candidate walk. When he received the news, he did not know what had happened to him. Fortunately now it is advertising. 🙂

9:39 pm: And the next award will be given to the top model. Winner of GNTM 2007, Barbara meier, has the honor of winning the award to best shooting performance forgive. The nominees are: Carina, Giuliana Y Julia. Y the award is for juliabecause, from time to time, he managed to overcome his shyness.

9:34 pm: Romina is out! Michael is devastated! The other two, however, can hardly believe their luck, because one of them will be Germany’s Next Top Model today …

9:23 pm: MADNESS! Catwalk Queen Naomi Campbell lives in Oberhausen and attracts everyone’s attention with his appearance. Help the jury make a good decision about the next hike.

9:19 pm: Wohooo! Wool, aka Wolfgang Joop, is also at the beginning. What would we have done without him. He’s simply the best!

9:09 pm: Hahaha, singer Beth Ditto is firmly convinced that she will be Germany’s Next Top Model and amuses the public in Oberhausen with her knowledge of German. :-RE