Concurso de Eurovisión: Andreas Bourani busca la canción para Austria

Eurovision Song Contest: Andreas Bourani searches for the song for Austria

Eurovision Song Contest: Andreas Bourani searches for the song for Austria

Preliminary decision

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The next “Eurovision Song Contest” will take place on May 23 next year in the Austrian capital, Vienna. But the preparations are already beginning. Andreas Bourani is already searching for the German “Song for Austria” on behalf of the NDR. Will the singer-songwriter find a suitable candidate for the “Eurovision Song Contest”? In any case, Andreas Bourani himself is confident …

After all, the “Eurovision Song Contest” is no longer a closed event on the established music scene. Last year, all musicians in Germany were able to apply for a place at a club concert in which there was a musical contest for a wild card for the national preliminary decision. This will also be the case for the selection of the next German contribution, as Andreas Bourani emphasized in a YouTube video that can be seen on the official website of the “Eurovision Song Contest”. “The wild card is the unique opportunity to beat all the seeded candidates in the German preliminary round and reach an audience of millions both domestically and internationally,” explained Andreas Bourani.

Eurovision Song Contest: Andreas Bourani seeks German contribution

To show that the opportunity to represent Germany at the “Eurovision Song Contest” is quite realistic, Andreas Bourani can point to a prominent example: also the band Elaiza, which came in 18th in the last edition of the show in Copenhagen . , secured his participation in the preliminary round of the wild card. “Elaiza has shown that the wild card can mean much more than an outside opportunity to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. It could be the start of a great career ”, revealed Andreas Bourani.

Eurovision Song Contest: Andreas Bourani looking forward to tickets

All solo artists and bands who want to represent Germany at the “Eurovision Song Contest 2015” in Vienna can upload their application videos until January 9 on the website of the show “Our song for Austria”. The best will be able to prove their worth on February 19 at an exclusive club concert in Hamburg and fight for the wild card. “In this regard, I am looking forward to many different performances and talents that will enrich the German preliminary round, and in the end, I may even be lucky enough to be able to represent Germany in Vienna on 23 May. You should definitely take advantage of this unique opportunity! ”Says Andreas Bourani. On March 5, viewers will be able to decide whether the wild card winner or one of the seven seeded candidates can participate in the “Eurovision Song Contest”.

The wild card for artists still unknown has definitely proven its worth last year, and this time around a lot of new faces will apply as well. After all, who can turn down Andreas Bourani?Image Source: © Getty Images / Oliver Hardt