Eva Longoria: No está de humor para una cirugía estética

Eva Longoria: Not in the mood for cosmetic surgery

No obsession with beauty

wantedthe 02/06/2014 | 14:48

Eva Longoria is calm about getting old and is probably one of the great exceptions in show business. The pretty brunette is definitely too young to change anything about her appearance. She prefers to wear her outfits skillfully to distract attention from minor flaws.

Eva Longoria has been one of Hollywood’s greats since her role as “Gabrielle Solis” on the cult series “Desperate Housewives” – there’s hardly a red carpet where the little actress doesn’t appear. There you can see the 39-year-old woman always in perfect style, so it is not surprising that Eva Longoria always attracts attention.

Eva Longoria uses her assets skillfully

You can hardly imagine that Eva Longoria also has physical marks with the beautiful actress. But the Latina knows how to help herself and cleverly staged her assets. He reported on the French website Signé Beauté: “You will never see me in a huge princess dress. Since I am small, I wear clothes that flatter my figure. I love experimenting with color because I’m Latina. “ Eva Longoria, who likes to show herself stylish and graceful in public, always talks about her outfits for big appearances with her stylist.Eva Longoria can barely understand her success

Eva Longoria would rather be distracted from her physical deficiencies than undergo surgery. Then she reported further: “I think I am too young for that. But they all think differently. “ So if you want to have cosmetic surgery, you must; However, for Eva Longoria, she’s not ready to think about it yet. Success proves that he is right: the 39-year-old has been one of the advertising faces of LʻOREAL Paris for some time and, at the moment, the end of the hit streak is not in sight. Eva Longoria herself sometimes still can’t believe that her appearance is so well received. She added on the Signé Beauté de France website: “It was a big surprise for me. When I was younger, I was always the ugly duckling in the family. ” Times can change very fast; after all, even an ugly duckling can turn into a beautiful swan!Eva Longoria is one of the most attractive actresses in Hollywood, it is hard to believe that she used to be poorly received for her appearance. It’s good that she has always stayed true to her appearance and is not yet considering cosmetic surgery on her own. He prefers to wear his clothes skillfully to flatter his figure. Eva, you are a good role model. Keep going!

Image Source: Getty Images / Jason Merritt