Eva Mendes: ¿se está saltando el primer día de la madre?

Eva Mendes: is she skipping mother’s first day?

1. Mother’s Day

wantedthe 05/06/2015 | 09:37

For seven months Eva Mendes has been the mother of little Esmeralda Amada, her daughter with fellow actor Ryan Gosling. But her first Mother’s Day is apparently no cause for celebration for the beautiful actress. Why does Eva Mendes dispense with the traditional festival?

Next Sunday, May 10, is Mother’s Day, for many mothers in the world a day in which children, couples and the whole world can celebrate: with flowers, a good breakfast in bed or small homemade gifts. . Hollywood star Eva Mendes gets by without all that. As the actress now revealed in an interview with Access Hollywood, she and Ryan Gosling have there are no concrete plans for mother’s day.

Eva Mendes celebrates her own mom on Mother’s Day

And there is a very specific reason for this: although she has been lovingly caring for little Esmeralda for seven months, Eva Mendes thinks she doesn’t deserve to be celebrated just seven months after giving birth. “I just don’t feel like I deserve it,” the 41-year-old revealed to hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. “My daughter is only seven months old!” In terms of modesty, Eva Mendes is a typical momthat takes motherhood for granted.

Eva Mendes is a typical mother

However, Eva Mendes plans not to spend next Sunday lying around. “This year’s Mother’s Day is definitely about my mom. Had a pretty difficult year. My brother is sick, so one day it will only be about my mother, supporting and appreciating her. We will all go to his house and bathe them with love. “Sounds like a great plan that new mom Eva Mendes hatched with her three siblings.

As a mother, as a daughter: Eva Mendes cares for her little daughter with the same naturalness that her mother still does for her and her now-grown siblings. Neither of them expect anything in return for the love they show for their families. That is why they are even more celebrated! Image source: gettyimages / Bryan Bedder