Evelyn + Domenico: ¿Boda en Las Vegas?

Evelyn + Domenico: Wedding in Las Vegas?

Evelyn + Domenico: Wedding in Las Vegas?

Bachelor in Paradise

They were the dream couple in “Bachelor in Paradise”, and their love story seems to continue even after the dome show: Evelyn Burdecki and Domenico De Cicco are totally in love and are even talking about getting married!

Since the first episode of “Bachelor in Paradise,” the blonde Evelyn and the Italian Domenico have been one heart and one soul. The two seem to have really searched and found, they go together like a pot and a lid. And even after the two have given each other the last rose in the final, their common path seems to continue. Back in Germany, RTL meets with them for an exclusive love interview, and there they reveal that they are already thinking about getting married. How nice! You can see what Evelyn and Domenico reveal about their new love story here in our video:

And what about the other couples from “Bachelor in Paradise”? You can find out if they are still together here:

Did you follow the RTL dome show? We’re very excited to see which former Bachelor and Bachelor candidates will be participating in season two, because it’s guaranteed to come, as RTL has already revealed!

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