Incluso más gigantesco que "Endgame" y con Deadpool: se suponía que Paul Greengrass haría esta película de Marvel

Even more gigantic than "Endgame" and with Deadpool: Paul Greengrass was supposed to make this Marvel movie

Even before the Marvel Cinematic Universe took its course, Fox was already working on a great superhero movie with Deadpool, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four – “Bourne” director Paul Greengrass almost directed it.

Superhero movies were already popular in the 2000s, but the rise that Iron Man, Superman, and company have achieved in film in recent years is simply unmatched, a title that the Marvel Cinematic Universe certainly deserves. While the franchise, which now includes 22 films (“Spider-Man: Far From Home” is number 23), made it the most successful film series of all time, this hype about humanity’s saviors was not. predictable to such an extent a decade ago. And yet even then there were plans for some well-known heroes to face off in a movie: As screenwriter Zack Stentz now reveals, he worked for Fox many years ago on a mammoth project that would have brought together Daredevil, Deadpool, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four.

The comic book universe now at Disney

As a guest on Kevin Smith’s podcast Fatman beyond Stentz, author of comic book adaptations such as “Thor” and “X-Men: First Decision,” let his counterpart know that he was already quietly working with his then-partner on a gigantic project for Fox in 2011. “I can’t reveal anything about the plot, but what I can say is that all the Marvel characters that Fox had the movie rights to were involved.”says Stentz, who talks about an evil script that he is extremely proud of. “We were close to getting Paul Greengrass to direct, but he decided to do another project instead, and ultimately we didn’t do ours.”

Hearing the name Greengrass in relation to a superhero movie is certainly curious. Directed by rather crude, grounded and uncompromising films such as “The Bourne Ultimatum”, “Captain Phillips” or “22. The well-known director of July, a date with Daredevil, Deadpool, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four would have looked very different from the heroic action of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. By choosing the suspense drama “Captain Phillips” instead, the Brit should not have regretted it. The film was nominated for six Academy Awards and was also a box office success.

X-Men and Fantastic Four: so on

The fourth phase is already beginning for the MCU. However, sooner or later there will be a reunion with the mutants around Charles Xavier and the Fantastischen Vier. On June 6, 2019, the grand finale of the story that has been built over the past few years will begin with “X-Men: Dark Phoenix.” Another X-Men movie will follow in 2020 with “New Mutants.”

Following Tim Story’s two “Fantastic Four” movies and the 2015 Josh Trank remake, Mr. Fantastic, the Thing, the Invisible, and the Human Torch, will return once again in a reboot. The same goes for the crowd favorite Deadpool: the Mercenary with mouth It should continue to play a major role after the acquisition by Disney, maybe even get another solo movie with “Deadpool 3”.

You see: even so, your heroes are pretty good at the movies. However, today we wonder what a director like Paul Greengrass would have done with such material, and would he have liked to see it. But who knows, maybe the paths of Greengrass and Marvel will cross again one day …