A todos les encanta la cola de caballo baja: ¡es muy fácil diseñar el peinado moderno!

Everyone loves the low ponytail – it’s so easy to style the modern hairstyle!

In 5 steps

Gone are the days of the messy bun! Now we are wearing a hairstyle that is not only totally on trend but also suits everyone and only takes a few minutes in the bathroom in the morning. We are talking about the “low ponytail”!

Wet look, boxer braids and co: We keep seeing new hairstyles on models on the runway. But these trends often have one thing in common: They are incredibly complicated and often take too long in everyday life. After all, none of us are trained hairdressers.

Fortunately, now a new hairstyle trend is making a comeback that can also be done with two left hands. The best: the “low ponytail” is ideal for the cold season. Because it goes perfectly with turtlenecks, scarves and blazers and not only focuses on current trends in fabric, but also on our face and the jewelry we wear.

This is why we love the “low ponytail” so much.

The good thing about the extra deep tied ponytail: You can style it in different ways and redefine your look every day. Because both sleek and undone or with light beach waves, the braid is really eye-catching. If you have a good hairstyling skill and enjoy braiding, you can even create a quirky braid.

Fashion icon Darja Barannik has given her low ponytail an extra touch of glamor with a leather and pearl hair band.

How to style the trend hairstyle in a few simple steps:

1. Your hair should not be freshly washed, so it has more grip and styling works better. Now just part with a comb in the middle and brush the hair well. If necessary, treat dry ends with a drop of hair oil.

2. You can tame small baby hair, frizz or loose hair with a little styling cream or a little texture spray.

3. Now gather the lengths of your hair with both hands at the bottom of the neck and secure it near the head with a narrow headband or cap. If you don’t want the elastic to show, just wrap a strand of hair around it.

4. For a particularly elegant look, treat the length of the hair with more oil and then apply a little hairspray.

5. If you want to wear your hair more casually, you can tie the braid farther from your head. This is how you make sure that some strands automatically fall on your face. To make the length of the hair look fluffier, you can also style it with salt spray or mousse.

Here are the most important styling tools for a perfect low ponytail:

Very important: if you want to wear a “low ponytail”, you have to take good care of your ends and have the hairdresser cut them regularly. Otherwise, the ponytail will look frayed and too thin towards the bottom.

What trendy hairstyle should you definitely try?

What do you think of the new trending hairstyle that all bloggers love right now? Boring or cool? Do you already wear the “low ponytail” regularly? Or do you prefer to wear your hair down? Tell us in the comments here or on Facebook! We are excited!