Todo lo que siempre quisiste saber sobre las pecas

Everything you ever wanted to know about freckles

Everything you ever wanted to know about freckles

Not finding beautiful freckles is no longer common. Rather, the brown spots on the skin are interpreted as a beauty trait. Stars and models no longer hide them behind a lot of makeup, but instead present them with pride. And that’s better! We’ll tell you everything you ever wanted and should know about ephelides – that’s the medical term for them.

How do freckles get?

Freckles are basically inherited. This means that both parents must have skin pigmentation or be carriers of the gene. Only then are they activated by UV radiation. As soon as the skin comes into contact with the sun’s rays, the many points of the skin intensify. But what are freckles really? Every body contains the pigment melanin, which is found in the first layer of the skin. This tint ensures that the skin darkens evenly when exposed to sunlight. People with freckles have a higher proportion of melanin and have a kind of genetic defect, so the pigments cannot be evenly distributed when they come in contact with UV rays. This is how the dark color comes out in the form of many little dots.

High sun protection for freckles

Since people with freckles are very light skin types, they should definitely avoid excessive sunbathing. This can also be used to counteract the overproduction of these mini pigment spots. A high sun protection factor (SPF 30 or higher!) Is also very important. Still, it is a myth that freckles are a sign of skin damage. Because, unlike moles and birthmarks, freckles cannot cause skin cancer.

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Can you remove freckles?

The many small spots on the skin get their name from the fact that they are most visible through the sun’s rays. However, since the light intensity is not as strong in winter, freckles can even become almost invisible during this time of year. However, this only happens when the skin does not have any contact with UV rays. As soon as you hold your face in the sun, even briefly in winter, the pigment spots reappear.

However, if you were hoping to have your freckles removed for good, we will sadly have to disappoint you. All exfoliants, whitening creams, and even laser therapies are short-lived. After a while, new melanocytes are formed, which provide new pigments. As a result, freckles never completely disappear.

Also, there is no need to feel bad about your freckles. After all, firstly, we live in an age where blemishes are allowed, and secondly, freckles are now considered a beauty ideal. Fans of this pigmentation even get their freckles tattooed. And the boys have also told us that they think the little dots on girls’ skin are very pretty.

Therefore: Don’t bury your head in the sand! Take pride in the fact that you are individual and that you stand out from the crowd. That makes you very special.