Exclusivo: extracto divertido de Pixars "Todo esta al revés"- cortometraje "¿La primera cita de Riley?"

Exclusive: funny excerpt from Pixars "Everything is backwards"- short film "Riley’s first date?"

“Everything is backwards” was a success in the cinema, and on February 11, 2016 the animated comedy will be released on DVD and Blu-ray. As a bonus is the short film “Riley’s First Date?” And we have an exclusive extract for you.

In the short film “Riley’s First Date?” Little Riley is now twelve years old and a year after the events of “It’s All Upside Down,” she has settled down quite well in her new home, San Francisco. Of course, her parents are very happy about it, but when suddenly a strange boy stops at the door to pick up Riley to go ice skating, all the characters’ emotions are turned upside down again.

On the big screen, “Everything is Upside Down” was both a box office success and a critical favorite and has now even been nominated for an Oscar. Audiences love the colorful little creatures from the Pixar animation store, who control emotions in the characters’ control center through their actions and don’t always act rationally, which leads to many great scenes. Anyone who wants to enjoy animated comedy again at home will surely be happy with the short film “Riley’s First Date?” On February 11, 2016, “Everything is backwards“On DVD and Blu-ray.