Eye (ne) line: Los mejores delineadores de ojos líquidos

Eye (ne) line: The best liquid eyeliners

Eye (ne) line: The best liquid eyeliners

wantedon 08/27/2013 | 16:54

Marilyn Monroe wore it, singer Adele practically masters it in her sleep, and even some of your best friends regularly score flawless eyeliner. But what is the secret to flawless eyeliner? We have the best liquid eyeliners and we cover the most important points, because it is not always all about technology.

It’s the coveted classic makeup for fresh smoky eyes and eyeliner is also in more demand than ever on the runways. Discover the secrets of the perfect line.

The goal of a long journey

As early as the 1920s, women were inspired by Egyptian culture and used eyeliner smeared in a seductive, smoky style, until artists such as Marlene Dietrich in the 1930s in a delicate one; liquid eyeliner along the lash line. Until the 1940s, eyeliner was only used sparingly and was used to optically fill in the gaps along the lash line. However, the eyeliner was only perfected with beauty icons like Brigitte Bardot or Edie Sedgwick. They both created dark looks with different makeup characters and thus set off a real trend wave.

The choice is yours

With the shape of the eyeliner, not only have the application techniques changed, but the “tool” is no longer the same. From classic dip eyeliner to felt tip pencil eyeliners and brush-on gel eyeliner innovations, every woman can now stock up on the eyeliner of her choice, because be careful, It is not only the technique that is important, but also the coating you have chosen and if you can really handle it. After all, there are several ways to draw the curved line along the lash line, but the fact that the correct eyeliner is also important is rarely revealed.

The posibilities

Try the different eyeliners that are offered in specialized stores and do the same as when buying a new putty, paying attention not only to the fineness of the tip, but also to the handling. If your eyeliner doesn’t fit your hand and is too short, as is often the case with dip eyeliners, maybe you should try a felt-tip pencil eyeliner. They are especially suitable for women who are in a hurry in the morning and do not want to hold on until the liquid line has dried, and thanks to its long pen shape it fits better in the hand and guarantees smooth lines.

Get really artistic with innovative gel eyeliners, where the eyeliner is in a small pot. There are also different brushes in different intensities and lengths that make it easy to work on creating a precise look.

The best liquid eyeliners can be found in our slideshow.