Plantilla de delineador de ojos: dibuja el delineador de ojos perfecto

Eyeliner Template: Draw the Perfect Eyeliner

Eyeliner template - draw the perfect eyeliner

For the inexperienced

Every morning is the eternal battle of beauty: eyeliner pencil vs. our makeup arts. Few manage to draw a perfect eyeliner right away, but unfortunately so few after several attempts. It is a science in itself that requires a lot of sensitivity, care, patience and routine. If you really don’t have any of these, you don’t have to despair – an eyeliner stencil can help. You can find out here how it works and if it really is such a nifty beauty hack.

Drawing a good eyeliner, is that difficult for you without hands? An eyeliner stencil can help!

Anyone not particularly gifted with fine motor skills and skilled enough to use kohl and eyeliner is sure to know the dilemma of a successful eyeliner. A shy, thin line on the upper eyelid turns into a thick, black bar faster than expected, and elegantly curved cat eyes into a quintessential raccoon look. But before you toss your eyeliner around the corner out of sheer frustration and desperation, you just need to get a little more help on board. You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist! A little beauty tool should be enough to make our painting job that much easier: eyeliner stencils. These are often available in stores in multiple versions so that you can easily draw whatever eyeliner you want. You can get a set of stencils for different forms of eyeliner at drugstores or online.

Eyeliner stencil – what is it?

Eyeliner stencils generally come in the form of small plastic plates that have different elongated incisions depending on the desired shape of the eyeliner. These thin stencils are placed on the upper eyelid after the eyeshadow has been applied. Either the plastic is very thin, so that it can be bent and adapted to the shape of the eye, or it is harder, so you have to have a little more rest in the fingers when holding it, but the rigid shape achieves a result. especially accurate.

Instructions: make your own eyeliner template

Instead of buying them, you can make an eyeliner stencil yourself. As long as you have a good eye for cutting two eyeliner stencils as precisely as possible (you can also just cut them folded over each other!).

Grab your DIY beauty:

  • A blank sheet of plain paper
  • A piece of laminated paper (!)
  • A sharp pencil
  • A scissors

And this is how you make your eyeliner template:

You can also get the perfect eyeliner with a DIY eyeliner template.

Step 1: Place one end of the sheet of paper against your eyelid so that the paper is against the corner of your inner eye. Now draw a line with the pencil at the outer corner of your eye so that you have a piece the length of your eye on the paper.

Step 2: Now you need to make sure to place the paper exactly above the lash line to correctly draw the desired eyeliner. For this, however, you don’t draw a full line, just mark the top point of the eyeliner.

step 3: Now place the paper in front of you and draw a curved line down between the mark of the outer point of your eye and that of the eyeliner.

Step 4: Finally, you draw the remaining part of your eyeliner on the paper so that at the end you have a curved line all over your eyelid on the paper.

Step 5: Now just trim the bottom. Transfer the finished white to the solid laminated sheet of paper. It’s that easy to make an eyeliner template yourself!

This video tutorial shows you step by step how you can make your own eyeliner template.:

In theory, you could also professionally sketch them on PC with the correct dimensions or you could choose a template and then print it out.

This is how an eyeliner stencil works

Use a sharp kohl pencil or liquid eyeliner to carefully and carefully paint the eyeliner stencil along the stencil. Now everything is repeated in the other eye with the template backwards; You need to make sure that the eyelid lines are, of course, as symmetrical as possible. Now carefully remove the template and take a close look at the result again. Small blemishes are best repaired later with a free hand.

Does it really work that simple?

Can eyeliner stencils create the perfect eyeliner in a few seconds? Unfortunately, this cannot be said so clearly and is still very much the result of your skill with the pen or brush. The stencil can be of great help in achieving a symmetrical and evenly curved eyeliner. However, it requires precision so that you don’t paint yourself in the eye or the paint doesn’t run under the stencil and smudge.

This beauty vlogger tried it out herself and got mixed test results, as you can see in this video.:

Eyeliner stencils can be a great help for people with gross motor skills to get a basic feel of symmetry and the correct course of lines when it comes to eyeliner. However, care must be taken with handling and, if necessary, retouched to get the perfect swing. This is how your cat eye eye makeup, fine eyeliner, and company will be perfect!

Image Source: iStock / malyugin, iStock / Sasiistock, iStock / shumskaya