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Facebook bug reveals anonymous admins: Trump, Thunberg and Banksy affected

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Normally everyone has their own Facebook page, however, things are very different for the pages of companies, politicians or famous personalities. It is not uncommon for such pages to be managed by anonymous administrators who access them through their own Facebook account. Processors remain nameless, both on company pages and on public figure pages. For the general public, then it seems that such people write their own posts. This is how it should be. Administrators around the world were exposed to a mistake; And that can have far-reaching consequences.

Putin, Thunberg and Banksy: ghostwriters for everyone!

Actually, the bug was only online for a few hours. But even that was enough for screenshots from different sites, including their previously anonymous administrators, to circulate on platforms like Reddit. And these were sometimes quite explosive. For example, an operator who maintains the website of the artist known under the pseudonym Banksy was exposed. Climate activist Greta Thunberg was also not spared. His Facebook page is obviously being staffed by his parents and other helpers. Other victims include Russian President Vladimir Putin, American politician Hillary Clinton, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, rapper Snoop Dogg, and the hacker collective Anonymous.

What happened?

According to Facebook, the error was the result of an incorrect code update. The problem was quickly noticed and fixed, but many site maintainers were already exposed at this point. All users had to do to access admin data is look at the edit history of the posts. There the real names of the administrators and the links to their public profiles were displayed, and nothing else, as Facebook emphasizes. However, this is also highly sensitive information that, for example, can endanger critics of authoritarian states. Another proof that the data we post online is never 100% secure, regardless of the security settings you choose.