Facebook vs.  Nombres falsos

Facebook vs. Fake names

Will Facebook names like “Dani Ela”, “Herr Vorragend”, “Regina Regenbogen” or “Rainer Zufall” soon be a thing of the past?

Fake names, pseudonyms, or other spellings of one’s name are common on the Internet, but Facebook seems to be a thorn in the side. According to the terms and conditions of Facebook, you can join the largest social network in the world. just register with your real name. But for many users, the fake name means Protection and anonymity on the web. Facebook argues against that a false name could also hide criminals behind a facade or assume a false identity.

Officially, the survey based on the user’s real name is only collected for statistical reasons. But critics fear that Facebook could block “fake profiles.”

What you think? Do you think everyone on Facebook should give their real name or is it okay to think of a fancy name? And: would you say so to your Facebook friends?

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