Fake Bob: ¡Así es como peinas el cabello largo "falso" corto!

Fake Bob: This is how you style short “fake” long hair!

Fake Bob: This is how you style long hair! "false" short!

So easy!

You know? A woman always wants what she doesn’t have right now. For example, you have long, beautiful hair and you still think about getting a bob cut. Stop! You don’t have to part with your long hair for this. There is still the so-called fake bob. Here we show you how to style your long hair in a bob. It’s not rocket science, I promise!

You don’t have to pull out the scissors for a temporary type change. “Smart Style” is the magic word here! You can lose length without, well, lose length. We take a look at everything behind the scenes at the Berliner Mode Salon as part of Berlin Fashion Week. This is exactly the style that was created for designer Michael Sontag. And that in a special and sexy wet look!

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Fake bob: long and short hair style

This is what you need for the faux bob

You should have the following tools on hand for Michael Sontag’s hairstyle:

  • A spray bottle of water
  • Hair oil
  • A large tooth brush or comb
  • Hair clips
  • Forks
  • Sugar spray for volume, hold and silky shine

For the faux bob, the long hair needs to be rolled strand by strand and arranged.

Instructions for the faux bob

Before you can start styling the “fake” bob, you should lightly moisten your dry hair with water. If you have naturally dry hair or curls, you can also apply a hair oil pump to your mane for a shiny, slightly messy look. But that is not mandatory!

Now is the time to lift the hair to look like a bob hairstyle:

  1. The sugar spray adds texture, volume and hold!

    Step: Separate the top hair from the rest of the underlying hair and save it with a clip.

  2. Step: Now take your hair strand by strand at the back of your head, spray some sugar spray on it, and then roll it loosely with the help of your fingers. Pin the hair snail to the back of the head with bobby pins.
  3. Step: do this strand by strand. You don’t have to pin them precisely, because they won’t be visible in the end, but they form the base of the volume so your hair doesn’t end up flat on your head.
  4. Once you have processed all the strands, you can go down the top hair. Depending on the length of your hair, you can now simply wrap it around the hair snails and pin it down, or you can roll it up a bit and slide the little hair snail under the already attached snails. Fix everything well with bobby pins so that no strands are loosened!

The fake bob in the style of Michael Sontag is finished! Styling may take a little longer at first, but with a little practice you can get it done in no time. If you omit the wetlook effect and only work with sugar spray, everything should go even faster.

Michael Sontag’s fake bobsleigh.

And this is what the fake bob looks like from behind (deceptively real!):

Only if you look closely can you see that the long hair has been hammered!

Alternatively: style a faux bob with the help of a hair elastic

To make the long mane look like a bob, you need to tie a deep, loose ponytail at the nape of the neck. Depending on how long the future false bob should be, the elastic of the hair is set higher or lower. Now pull your hair out of the loop with both hands on your head holistically so that the hair is loose on your head, like a bob. The end of the braid can now be tucked in and generously held with bobby pins. Optionally pull out a few strands to make the hairstyle fall as casually as possible.

By the way: not only can you conjure a bob with long hair, you can also conjure a faux pony very easily!

How about the fake bob hairstyle? Are you going to try them out yourself or is a faux bob nothing or half for you? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Image Source: Wanted / Susanne Faller

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