Fall Guys: las marcas que quieren máscaras tienen que pagar, pero no a los desarrolladores

Fall Guys: Brands Who Want Skins Have To Pay, But Developers Not

Falls Guys is not only experiencing hype through gaming, but on social media as well. Many companies want their own skins in the game, but can only get them in exchange for donations for a good cause.

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Platforms:Windows PC, PlayStation 4

Developer Mediatonic is being bombarded on all sides with skin suggestions for Fall Guys. Of course, the big brands would like to get into today’s popular game too.

In fact, Mediatonic offers other brands the option to get a skin on Fall Guys. The rules for this are simple the brand that wants to donate more money to the aid organization SpecialEffect gets its skin.

SpcialEffect helps people with physical disabilities to be able to play video games and provides technological solutions through special controllers and the like.

In the next two weeks, brands can make their “offers” and submit their appearance proposal.

Right now at the forefront a company that manufactures bidets and his skin is a T-shirt that says: “Ask me about my anus” – it is not a joke!

Whoever wins the race in the end not only decides the money, Mediatonic reserves the right to rule out inappropriate suggestions.

Here are some great ideas, hopefully the brands behind them will follow:

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The developers have dealt much worse with the hype surrounding the game and the attention that comes with it. Fall Guys does something nice with everything, and players like that, of course.