Embarazo falso

False pregnancy

False pregnancy

The girl proudly showed the ultrasound images of the offspring and the belly grew and grew, but did not give birth. In the tenth month she told her boyfriend that she had an abortion. At the latest, everyone became suspicious! Through tears, the Michigan girl admitted that she was only faking her pregnancy. with fake ultrasound images, fake DNA tests and a silicone tummy from the internet.

When Beyoncé was pregnant it was rumored that she wore one. Fake baby bump

On the page fakeababy.com you can order all kinds of things that you can use to fake a pregnancy. The friend of the pseudopregnant has now filed a complaint against the company, which, however, distances himself from the case and emphasizes that “The products are intended for entertainment only.”Advertising slogans such as: “How can I get your attention? We know what to do! “ or: “Do you need a roast in the oven? We can help you!” on the home page he speaks a different language. It is not known whether the girl faked her pregnancy because of psychological problems, a need for recognition or an attempt to bond her boyfriend with herself. If the relationship was the cause, the attempt definitely failed. The couple broke up and the young man is thinking of more announcements!

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