Granjero busca esposa: Burkhard y Tanja se han separado

Farmer looking for a wife: Burkhard and Tanja have separated

Love out

And yet another couple from the 2019 season of “Bauer sucht Frau”, whose love did not last long: after Jürgen and Kerstin, as well as Thomas and Bianca, Burkhard and Tanja have met.

In reality, there seemed to be a happy ending for the farmers and chosen ladies in the fifteenth season of the dome show. At least some happy couples got together for the big reunion with Inka Bause after the season ended, and they were busy making plans for the future. So did farmer Burkhard and his Tanja, who were considered one of the season’s dream couples from the beginning. The two even talked about moving in together, getting married, and even having children of their own. Everything is over now.

In reality, it was thought that the two had actually met here, but this TV couple’s luck shouldn’t last either.

The reason for the breakup

In fact, Burkhard and Tanja parted ways at the end of December 2019, as Tanja herself explains to He also reveals exactly what happened: “Ultimately, the trigger was my daughter’s serious car accident. He was in the intensive care unit for eight days and during this very difficult time, Burkhard was unfortunately not there for me and hardly reported. I want a partner who is by my side even in difficult times when I am weak. After careful consideration, I realized that Burkhard is unfortunately not this partner. “

So it’s clear that Tanja has ended the relationship. Burkhard has also spoken out and said that the accident shocked and affected him. He would have liked to be with Tanja and her daughter, but could not find a substitute for her farm work. Ask for understanding, but confirm the separation.

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Do you think it’s so sad that the next “farmer looking for a wife” couple split up, or were you already hoping that it might not work out between Burkhard and Tanja? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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