Granjero busca esposa: el granjero orgánico Johannes habla sobre sus relaciones

Farmer looking for a wife: organic farmer Johannes talks about his relationships

Farmer looking for a wife: Johannes

wantedon December 22, 2010 | 16:00

Yesterday some details of the private life of organic farmer Johannes were revealed. Now the farmer comments on the statements in an interview with “BILD” and talks about love.

The farmer is looking for a wife: the organic farmer Johannes about his relationship with Anja.

Organic farmer Johannes met warehouse employee Anja at “Bauer sucht Frau” and immediately fell in love with her. Viewers were able to watch the RTL show as the two slowly approached each other and Anja eventually confessed to her organic farmer that she was pregnant. But the farmer also has a child with another woman and the couple agreed to deal with the situation as best they could. Now the ex-girlfriend of the candidate “Bauer sucht Frau” spoke at the “BILD” and made serious accusations.

Organic farmer Johannes didn’t want to let that get on him and now he spoke to the “BILD” himself. The “Bauer sucht Frau” candidate said in an interview about his plight: “I knew I would definitely lose. It’s clear: if I choose my ex-girlfriend, I will lose Anja, who I love. If I choose Anja, I am the father of a strange child. Believe me: it is not an easy decision ”. About her alleged separation for participating in “Bauer sucht Frau”, the organic farmer said: “She told me that she still needed time. If I had confessed then, I would have stayed with her, I would not have gone on television. “

Now organic farmer Johannes is happily reunited with Anja and they are both waiting for the child. The candidate “farmer is looking for a wife” is also looking forward to having his own child and has precise ideas. “My biological son should not grow up with me, but it would be nice if the children grew up as siblings,” he said in an interview with “BILD.” Johannes also revealed that he and Anja are already thinking about getting married, but that he is currently getting divorced. “None of this is ideal,” he said of the situation, and yet the organic farmer has apparently found his personal happiness with “Farmer Seeks Wife.”

Image source: RTL