¿Moda?  ¡No!  Miley cancela

Fashion? No! Miley cancels

Fashion?  No!  Miley cancels

In March 2014, however, he made an exception, at least for them. German Vogue Edition. There she was staged as Marilyn Monroe and photographed by Mario Testino as a blond angel with red lips. But Miley doesn’t seem to have mercy on American Vogue. “Cyrus doesn’t want to do it”, a source told Page Six.

However, in the last covers that Miley Cyrus adorned, the singer was always seen naked, for example on the cover of Paper Magazine, along with her domestic pig “Bubba Sue”. So does Miley’s rejection have something to do with the fact that she finds Vogue boring or too good for her? What you think?

Viewed? Miley Cyrus waxed her armpit hair and shared the action with her Instagram followers.

Miley Cyrus – hairless armpits