"¡Los gordos son demasiado vagos!"

"Fat people are too lazy!"

"Fat people are too lazy!"

With 20 kilos and without: the self-experiment of Katie Hopkins (Photo: Twitter / TheSunNewspaper)

In an interview with “The Sun” in 2013, for example, he once said that he does not let his children play with children who, in his opinion, tend to do so. stupid They have names like Chardonnay, Chantelle or Tyler. Now he took it to extremes: In one of the two-part documentaries “My Fat Story,” he gained 20 kilos in three months.to lose them again immediately. He wanted to prove his crude thesis that fat people are too lazy to lose weight. Apparently the jungle camp left permanent damage.

In the same interview that was about the kids back then, Katie said: “Would I hire you if you were fat? No I would not. I would leave the wrong impression on my clients. I need people who look energetic, professional, and efficient. When you are fat, you look lazy.Presumably, she had already made the decision to test her thesis at that point.

+ + She averaged 6,500 calories a day + +

In just three months, she ate a lot, stopped exercising, and gained a whopping 20 kilos! I simply wanted to show that overweight people are responsible for their own destiny and are too lazy to lose weight again. To do this, he put burgers, cakes, French fries, shakes, and chocolate for months. – which resulted in it average 6500 calories per day. It was all aired on TLC in a two-part documentary. And it was precisely this document that brought him the title of “Britain’s Most Hated Woman” one.

+ + Your conclusion: fat people are too lazy + +

Then three months later, he lost everything again. Supposedly, even without a gym and personal trainer, you simply cut your calorie intake and exercised more. His conclusion: losing weight is child’s play. Of course, the TV star cleverly ignored the fact that obesity can also have completely different factors than diet: illness, stress, hormonal disorders, and to name just a few examples.