Fata se defiende

Fata fights back

Fata fights back

+ + Julia interferes + +

Below the last image of Fata Lots of hate comments are piling up on Facebook right now. Because most of them side with Elena and find Fata’s gossip anything but funny: “You have always been my favorite, but bullying is not an option …” Most expect more from Fata. Will the favorite now be the one that bothers everyone?

too Julia Wulf wants to say something about the dispute in his former team and writes on Facebook: “MAN… I’m really pissed off. A LOT has happened that the viewer has no idea (probably never will, because only one side is shown) and suddenly someone will not like it for very, very legitimate reasons, confused with envy…. “Apparently Julia isn’t a huge Elena fan either!

Will Elena’s bullying continue in the next episode? The girls must be careful not to mess with the jury or the fans. Because bullying is not really possible!

+ + Elena Carriere spoke + +

The final: place and date

In its Instagram account Elena now has a photo with competitor Fata in the pool of Model villa posted in Los Angeles and wrote: “People as the saying goes: storm in a glass of water! It is normal to argue from time to time, it is human. I still really appreciate my Fatalina; time and our similar humor have brought us together.“Then everything half wild with the models?