Padre dice: "¡La serie '13 Reasons Why 'tiene la culpa de la muerte de mi hija!"

Father says: "The series ’13 Reasons Why ‘is to blame for my daughter’s death!"

Trigger Warning: This article is about suicide and some readers may find it disturbing.

When “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” (in English: “13 Reasons Why”) began on Netflix, the outcry was great. Many found the series too shameless, because it is about suicide and were afraid that unstable people might have the wrong thoughts about the series. Hannah Baker, a student, commits suicide and leaves 13 messages on tapes for people she blames for her death and who harassed her. Bella Herndon, 15, who suffered from depression, also watched the series, which started on Netflix on March 31, 2017. In April, shortly after watching the series, Bella committed suicide. She took the series as a model, her father John is convinced of that. He told Radar Online: “I’m still totally upset. Selena makes me sick. You are an extremely dysfunctional person if you believe that this program has any social value.