Feta & Schwangerschaft sind nur unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen eine unbedenkliche Mischung.

Feta and pregnancy: is feta cheese a danger to your baby?

Feta cheese, Balkan cheese, Shepherd’s cheese, Sheep cheese – what’s the difference?

To understand what to look for when consuming feta during pregnancy, it is first important to know what feta is all about, as it is often confused: feta has been a protected term since 2002 and refers to a pickled cheese in brine, which it is traditionally made from sheep’s milk and / or goat’s milk and is only allowed to be produced in Greece. The term feta is often used as a synonym for a cheese from other countries (for example, Balkan cheese) or for a brine cheese made from cow’s milk (it is called shepherd’s cheese). Sheep cheese is a generic term for all types of cheese made from sheep’s milk, including Roquefort or Pecorino.