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Fight split ends: 8 tips to avoid dry ends

Fight split ends: 8 tips to avoid dry ends

Hair breakage

Do you want a great and long mane that all your friends envy you and that drives all men crazy? So dry hair and split ends are the last thing you want to see when you look in the mirror. Here’s how to make your hair shine again and get rid of those pesky split ends once and for all!

Are you really satisfied with your long hair, if not for the stupid split ends? Because even if split ends are a purely cosmetic issue, they aren’t exactly beautiful. Because parted hair, which is dry and brittle at the ends, can quickly look frizzy, it often looks unkempt as well, not exactly the impression you want to create. The good news is that it can also prevent hair breakage. Here you can find out how this works and how you can save yourself a monthly visit to the hairdresser to trim the ends. With our care tips and tricks, dry hair and split ends don’t stand a chance on you!

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Split ends: the causes of dry ends

Split ends can have several causes: dry hair (which you can combat with these home remedies, by the way), harsh shampoos, blow-drying too hot, or too much stress from chemical treatments like bleaching, etc.

But even without external influences, long hair can break quickly, that is, if you wear it open and it can rub against your clothes. The ends of the hair are particularly sensitive because, unlike the rest of your hair, they are much longer and “older”; with very long hair, they can be up to three years old. If your hair is also particularly sensitive, rarely cut and used repeatedly, split ends are unavoidable. Ironically, the more you take care of your hair and the more often you wash it, the greater the risk of split ends. It’s not just care that helps against split ends, it has to be the right type of care that is gentle on your hair and makes it shine.

8 tips against dry ends and split ends

1. Superior serum: You should pamper your hair from time to time with a serum or fluid specially developed to combat split ends. The silicone oils it contains are extremely fine around the ends of the hair and immediately make your hair look healthier and more groomed.

2. Use a braid: To avoid hair breakage, you should tie your hair in a braid or bun more often. This is not only stylish, but it also prevents the ends of your mane from rubbing against your shoulders and breaking.

3. Hair oil: Simply massage the ends of your hair with light, high-quality oils such as almond, jojoba, macadamia, argan or coconut, and your ends will be perfectly cared for!

4. Wooden brushes: A good tool in the fight against split ends is essential: horn or wood combs and brushes with natural hair bristles stress the hair significantly less than brushes with metal bristles, for example. In any case, you should completely avoid teasing combs and brushes, because teasing damages the structure of the hair; split ends are unavoidable.

5. Hair treatment: There are tons of restorative hair treatments on the market. They are enriched with oils and can even regenerate the hair structure. Treat yourself to such a cure once a week. Alternatively, you can also get a hair treatment with olive oil!

6. Avoid heat: Drying and straightening your hair are also anything but good, so you should avoid both as often as possible; pure nature is usually much more beautiful anyway.

7. Don’t rub your hairSince split ends are a sign of excessive stress, you should give your hair a rest regularly and treat it gently, especially when it is wet. This means, for example: gently squeeze the water out of your hair instead of frying it.

8. Sleep on a silk pillow.: Pillows made of coarse cotton can put stress on the ends of your hair due to friction while you sleep. This cannot happen with a silky pillowcase *.

A pillowcase made of silk is real advice! In our gallery you will find more tips and tricks on styling and hair care that you probably did not know:

Take care of your hair, but do it correctly!

You should avoid split ends, because once your hair is split, you often have no choice but to use scissors. Although there are now many products in the pharmacy that promise to repair hair that has already been used, they only do so in a limited way. Shampoos that contain silicone only “stick” hair divided superficially. Additionally, the silicones contained in shampoos can deposit on the hair layer by layer and weigh it down – your mane will quickly look straight and unkempt – the exact opposite of what you want to achieve.

There is one much better Anti-split lingerie, where you only treat the roots with shampoo (diluted): the lather that is created by rinsing and penetrates the ends of the hair is completely sufficient to clean them. This way you won’t feel too much in your hair and, at the same time, you can avoid split ends!

Be good to your hair! This is how you avoid split ends.

Removing split ends: what your hairdresser can do

If, despite all precautionary measures, you discover split ends in your mane, a visit to the salon can help. You don’t have to worry about excessive hair loss – if you only have one appointment to trim the ends (or split ends) every eight to ten weeks, your hair will still be longer because it grows 1 to 1.5 cm per month.

If you don’t feel like dealing with your parted hair all the time, a professional keratin treatment at the salon can help. There the hair is smoothed with a special liquid and heat; The effect of the anti-frizz treatment, which also helps against split ends, lasts about half a year, but it is not very cheap either: you should plan between 200 and 300 euros. In the fight against split ends, the hairdresser also has a special weapon: hot scissors. The ends of the hair are sealed with the hot scissors, and the split ends don’t stand a chance.

If you follow our tips and tricks, you will only know the split ends of rumors in the future. It is very important: you have to treat your hair gently and give your mane a break from time to time, because this is the only way for your hair to recover and not punish you with split ends. Regular trimming of the ends and extensive care with gentle oils also help: leave split ends behind once and for all and transform your hair into a dreamy mane!

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