FILMSTARTS está haciendo un podcast: ¿Por qué no hay buenas películas de videojuegos?

FILMSTARTS is doing a podcast: Why Aren’t There Good Video Game Movies?

FILMSTARTS is doing a podcast: Why Aren't There Good Video Game Movies?

Moving forward, FILMSTARTS main critics, Christoph Petersen and André Peschke of The Pod, will meet once a month with a video game adaptation in the as-yet untitled podcast format to discuss what went wrong again.

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We know about movies. Colleagues from the immensely successful podcast project The sheath (“Have a beer”) I know about video games. That is why we want to investigate together in a series of podcasts that will be published monthly from now on, why the history of video game movies is actually such a story full of misunderstandings … and if that would not be better.

In the first episode we take a look at Andrzej Bartkowiak’s 2005 first-person shooter film adaptation “Doom” – and right at the beginning we barely leave a good hair on the sci-fi action actor with Karl Urban and most of all, then as well known superstar wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. And while we agree in the first few minutes that the movie is not good, afterwards an astonishingly long and varied discussion ensues. But it’s better to hear it yourself …

We look forward to receiving feedback on the opening episode: What did you find particularly interesting? What do you want more of, what could have been left out? What video game adaptations should we definitely discuss again? And of course the question of all questions: What should the format really be called?

Have fun!