¿Salida final?  GZSZ-Chris quiere irse de Berlín

Final output? GZSZ-Chris wants to leave Berlin

Final output?  GZSZ-Chris wants to leave Berlin

After an argument

+++ Warning, spoilers! +++

After Chris returned from Brazil, things didn’t go well for him. Sunny leaves him first, then the dispute with his brother Felix escalates again. Chris wants to leave Berlin, but is he really leaving? Actor Eric Stehfest Finally Quits “Good Times, Bad Times”?

Chris is in the background

Chris is really done. After Sunny announced that she no longer saw any possibility for the two of them because they simply had too different ideas about life and were getting in each other’s way, her mood was at an all-time low. He can’t understand how Sunny can break contact overnight.

But it gets worse for him, as RTL’s weekly GZSZ trailer shows. Because Chris and Felix collide again. Chris makes it clear to Felix what he thinks of his scheming behavior, but Felix just turns his back on him. Chris is hurt and angry, the dispute between the brothers escalates when Felix threatens Chris again. Chris then believes that he can no longer be happy in Berlin, that he simply has to distance himself from Kolle-Kiez. He wants to get out of town, start over somewhere. Felix is ​​delighted that he never has to see Chris again.

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But before Chris can implement his plan, he suddenly collapses on the brick. When Felix finds out, he briefly feels guilty and believes he is responsible for it. But when the tests show no abnormalities, Felix is ​​relieved to be able to get rid of his brother soon.

But will Chris really leave the Kolle-Kiez, will he leave his friends behind? We’ll find out in the coming weeks at 7:40 pm RTL. What you think? Has actor Eric Stehfest really decided to leave the RTL soap opera after his several weeks off? Or are you sure it will never go away? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook. And tell us who your favorite GZSZ actor of all time is.