Finalmente, el gran regreso de la "Morir duro"-¿Director?  Este es el thriller de acción de ciencia ficción "Tau Ceti 4"

Finally, the great return of the "Die hard"-Director? This is the sci-fi action thriller "Tau Ceti 4"

John McTiernan was one of the most successful directors in Hollywood. But since 2003, the man behind, among others, “Die Hard,” “Predator” and “Hunt for Red October” has not made a movie. That should change now.

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In 2003, John McTiernan made his last film with “Basic – Behind every lie a truth.” The fact that the once famous action director disappeared completely into oblivion not only has to do with the fact that “Basic”, like the mega-flops “Rollerball” before and “The 13th Warrior”, which was accompanied by violent internal disputes, they did not contribute money, but especially with the fact that McTiernan had many legal problems and even had to go to jail in the course of these (more on this for those concerned at the end of this article). But now the director of “Die Hard” wants to report.

The companions of ScreenDaily announces that it wants to sell the film rights for a project back in the so-called film market on the fringes of the Cannes Film Festival: “Tau Ceti 4” is a science fiction action film set on a distant planet. There the war is fought between various princes and soldiers, all of whom terrorize the population. But then three heavily armed strangers appear who want to kill each and every ruler of terror. With “Pulp Fiction” legend Uma Thurman and “Vikings” star Travis Fimmel, McTiernan has already found two actors for his project, for which he also wrote the script himself.

Attempt back, the umpteenth

Who is now cheering on the director of “Die Hard”, the second sequel “Die Hard 3 – Now All the More”, “Predator”, “Hunt for Red October”, “Last Action Hero” or “The Thomas Crown Affair” ? reports, unfortunately we have to dampen the anticipation a bit. Because in recent years McTiernan has announced his return time and time again.

Even during his legal troubles (more on that in a bit), he was working on projects. Immediately after his release from prison in 2014, he wanted to do the mercenary drug action “Red Squad”, in which Nicolas Cage was to play the lead role. He then revealed that he was going to make an adventure movie with John Travolta called “Warbirds” and most recently announced in 2016 that he was preparing an action movie set in Europe. Nothing came of all the ideas. In the end, the funding never worked. Will that change now?

John McTiernan accident

Our actual movie news ended with that, but for all concerned, we want to provide at least a brief overview of John McTiernan’s legal troubles, which play a significant role in the fact that the director’s career has been on hold for over 15 years. years and now he is in the He was in prison.

The filmmaker ran into the infamous wiretapping scandal involving private investigator Anthony Pellicano. This heard from other Hollywood celebrities on behalf of Hollywood celebrities. McTiernan hired Pellicano, who also received a 15-year prison sentence, to supervise producer Chuck Roven during the production of “Rollerball.” McTiernan was not punished for this, but rather because he deliberately lied to United States Federal Police officers as part of the FBI investigation. He was charged in 2006 and sentenced to four months in prison in 2007. The verdict was later overturned, in a new trial in 2012 the director was even given twelve months, which he had to serve in prison in 2013/2014 and then under house arrest .

That wasn’t the end of the director’s legal troubles. During his time in prison, he filed for bankruptcy. He can no longer pay taxes, legal fees, claims from his ex-wife and from the banks. Since then he has been involved in various legal disputes, in which he announced new film projects to show that he will soon be able to make money again.