Primer tatuaje: 10 cosas que debes saber

First tattoo: 10 things you should know

First tattoo: 10 things you should know

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Thinking about your first tattoo? So of course you need to not only think about the right reason, but also educate yourself about the process, costs, pain, and care. Such a tattoo is a lifetime purchase that must be well thought out! So before you go to the tattoo artist and make an appointment, you should read our little guide. We give you all the important information about your first tattoo.

Piercings and tattoos are no longer social taboos that are immediately associated with rock bands, punks or other specific groups. On the contrary: body decoration has become a trend, think of trending piercings like septum and Co. or trendy watercolor tattoos. So you are not alone when you have ideas for a first tattoo on your head. So that you are really well prepared when making an appointment to get a tattoo, we have summarized everything you need to know beforehand.

After the first tattoo, some people get addicted to tattoos! But first you have to take the first step.

First planned tattoo? You must be clear about this beforehand

One tattoo, so many questions. As a newcomer to the field, of course, you don’t have as much perspective as someone who has ever come in contact with a tattoo needle. What can you really expect there, what do you have to plan, know and estimate in time? We give you an overview of the 10 most important questions to ask yourself for your first tattoo.

1. What reason am I interested in?

Sure, it sounds banal, but this is the cornerstone of your first tattoo and it’s not that easy to set up. After all, you have a wide range of tattoo sayings, images, and other ideas to choose from. The first tattoo is very special so the decision can be difficult. If you’ve decided on a tattoo motif, don’t be upset or maybe even convince you not to. A tattoo always represents a certain phase of life, a certain memory or a certain person who has shaped you. As a result, it always has a meaning for you, even if you don’t like the motif for many, many years. You should never regret it! By the way, you can find suggestions for Disney tattoos, Harry Potter motifs, and cute elephant tattoos with us. If you have a religious motive, you should be aware that in some countries you can have problems and hurt religious feelings.

You can find even more inspiration for your first tattoo motif in our video:

2. What color should my first tattoo be?

Do you like colorful tattoos or do you prefer the classic black and white look? You may also like very dark opaque tattoos. Another alternative to consider is white tattoos. They are much more subtle, so they are especially suitable as a first tattoo. Also note that the color variants are of course more eye-catching. If you want to start your tattoo career a bit more cautious, you may prefer to go for black ink.

3. How big should my first tattoo be?

Size is what matters! Here, too, tell the living room how flashy you like it. The first tattoo is an unusual sight on the skin. So it may not be bad to start a little smaller here, especially if the tattoo is placed on a clearly visible part of the body. Which brings us to the next question.

Should it really be a great tattoo at first?

4. What part of the body is the most suitable?

Does your work allow you to wear your tattoo on your fingers, neck or feet, that is, clearly visible? Do you even like to see the tattoo all the time, or do you prefer to have it in a hidden place that you can cover with clothes? You should also keep in mind that a saying, for example, is better in places of consciousness, for example on the forearm or on the back. You can place a large motif on the shoulder blade or under the chest, for example. Small tattoos, for example, look pretty behind the ear or on the wrist.

5. What tattoo artist can make my first tattoo perfectly?

To protect yourself from tattoo flaws: don’t decide on the first tattoo studio you come across, but find out in advance exactly which tattoo artist is qualified enough and which one, above all, can implement the desired motif. Some tattooists specialize in certain techniques or have so much experience with similar tattoos that they will do their job better than others. Get more information from tattooed friends or on the internet and get advice on the site. You can tell if your tattoo is really good not just by the preliminary drawing of your tattoo. The hygiene in the study, the detail of the advice and, last but not least, the requirement are crucial.

6. What should I keep in mind when visiting a tattoo studio?

Tattoo artists recommend the following in preparation for getting a tattoo and, well, the deadline:

  • Sleep well! So you are more relaxed and the muscles don’t contract as quickly.
  • Alcohol shortly before or during piercing is, of course, taboo!
  • Eat enough beforehand. Tattooing can take a long time, and excitement can affect circulation.
  • Wear clothing that makes the area to be tattooed easily accessible.
  • Avoid sunbathing before tattooing to avoid causing a rash or sunburn.
  • Don’t take blood thinning pain relievers beforehand!
  • Limit your coffee intake so you’re not more nervous than you already are.

If you have found the perfect tattoo studio and your appointment is scheduled, you need to properly prepare for it.

7. What costs can I expect?

Of course, this differs from study to study. The degree of knowledge of the tattoo artist also influences. Basically, it can be said: quality has its price. An hour costs around 100 euros in Germany. A single session can eat up several hundred dollars, but it should be worth it for your lifelong body art. Smaller and faster tattoos can also be cheaper.

8. What pain should I expect?

Depends on the place. Stinging can be extremely uncomfortable where the skin is thin and there are many nerves. Therefore, it can be especially unpleasant for the hands, feet, elbows, ankles, chest or face. In other places, however, it may feel like a tickle.

9. How do I properly care for my first tattoo?

Tattoos are like fresh wounds to the body, so you react sensitively at first. The tattoo needs to heal properly, which will also create a scab on the top layer of the skin. A cool tattoo and sports, the sun or chlorinated water, for example, do not go well together. You can find more tips on tattoo care here.

Sun and Co. can only do it again when your tattoo has fully healed. This can take up to four weeks.

10. If I don’t like it anymore: How can I remove my tattoo?

If it really does happen that you no longer like your first tattoo, you still have the option to have it laser removed. A cover-up tattoo, meaning a new tattoo that cleverly covers up the old one, would also be an option. Otherwise, you can simply cover it up for a temporary separation from your tattoo.You see: your first tattoo, but also all the others, is related to some preliminary considerations. If you are not sure now whether a tattoo is really for you, you can first try a sticky tattoo, for example a bright flash tattoo. Here you will find a great selection of temporary adhesive tattoos. Or how about a nice homemade henna tattoo? In any case, we wish you the best for your first tattoo!

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