¡Primer tráiler de la película de JB!

First trailer for JB’s movie!

First trailer for JB's movie!

“Class =” rteInlinetag “>Justin Bieber (16) It can hardly be stopped: After his own book and crazy merchandise like a nail polish collection or even a perfume and a Justin Bieber doll, “Biebs” now brings a movie to the screen. As of February 2011, JB is in “Never say Never”(Movie poster on the left) To marvel in American cinemas, German fans have to wait another month: March 17, 2011 you can even put Justin in 3D lights up in theaters.

Check out the first trailer for Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” movie! Includes video recordings of Justin as a kid, so cute! What do you think of the trailer? You are going to see the movie

You can find more information about the film at Starflash.de! How well do you know the 16-year-old boy? Put your knowledge to the test on the Justin Bieber quiz! Look at the fun gallery: Stars with Justin Bieber hairstyle.