Moto G7 Play: nueva versión de Android pero vieja desventaja

Flow: experimental launcher for Android’s hidden desktop mode

Moto G7 Play: new version of Android but old disadvantage

Flow is an even more experimental Android app that lets you use Android 10’s hidden desktop mode.

Flow is the first Android application, with which you can test the new Android desktop mode in its experimental version. Google introduced this with Android 10, but only hidden and not really official. This mode mainly ensures that Android can also be used on larger screens with a mouse and keyboard. Quite a reaction to the fact that Huawei and Samsung have pushed appropriate solutions in recent years. Expensive high-end devices are definitely performing well enough.

Android has a hidden desktop mode

Flow Desktop Launcher is still an initial version of the application and is considered a preliminary or trial version. There are several settings, so that Android can better handle a mouse and the structure reminds more of Chrome or Windows. In any case, it is something interesting, to the extent that Google should expand on this topic in the future. A desktop mode can be interesting for people who rarely need a laptop. In the future, you will simply use your smartphone on a monitor with a small docking station.

The developer shows his application in a longer video: