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Foldable: Xiaomi is probably working on its own Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung raises the bar for Android updates

Now that Samsung, Motorola and Huawei have introduced them, we are expecting more foldable smartphones from other manufacturers, and Xiaomi is determined to get involved.

Xiaomi has shown interesting prototypes time and time again in recent years, and the Chinese have already demonstrated a folding smartphone. However, to this day, much of it is just smoke and mirrors, other manufacturers bring real devices to market. Xiaomi is currently said to be still working on a real foldable Android smartphone. It is supposed to be similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip. Samsung should even deliver the screen, at least one wishes for Xiaomi.

Xiaomi also wants to finally retire

However, it is currently unrealistic that Samsung can and will deliver such displays to other manufacturers. These displays are certainly not being produced in large numbers at the moment, so delivery to competing manufacturers seems unlikely. But Xiaomi is said to have not only asked Samsung, BOE and CSOT are potential suppliers as well.

BOE does not manufacture its own smartphones, as is the case with Samsung. BOE supplies displays to major manufacturers, including Motorola Razr’s foldable OLED display. Basically, however, this report shows that interest in vertical folding smartphones appears to be higher. Somehow it brings you nostalgia, reminiscent of flip phones of days gone by. I also find it practical when today’s giant smartphones can be made small.

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What is a folding smartphone?

Foldable is establishing itself as the name of a new generation of smartphones that have foldable or foldable OLED displays. They are the modern reincarnation of classic clamshell phones.