Para Disney: Ridley Scott hace nuevos "Extraterrestre"-Película

For Disney: Ridley Scott Makes New "Alien"-Movie

For Disney: Ridley Scott Makes New "Alien"-Movie

For the 40th anniversary of Ridley Scott’s “Alien,” the series will expand even after Disney’s acquisition of Fox. They are already working on the script for a third prequel.

Last weekend, Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror masterpiece “Alien” celebrated its 40th anniversary. It’s no wonder the future of the now six-part series (not counting the two “Alien Vs. Predator” movies) is back on the agenda. . After many concerns expressed after Disney’s acquisition of Fox about how things would go with the studio’s adult films, there seems to be no further cause for concern when it comes to “Alien.” How Variety Now Scott, who will also direct, is currently working on the script for a third prequel.

“Alien” shorts to get you in the mood

In recent months, short films set in the “Alien” universe have been gradually released to celebrate the historic birthday of the origin of the science fiction saga in 1979, including “Alien: Pray” and “Alien: Containment,” in which the Space terror runs its course. At the same time, however, its publication certainly also served Ridley Scott and Co. in determining whether anyone is still interested in a world in which, according to the original movie poster, “no one hears you scream.” And the answer seems to be clear, because after the original series had four parts, the prequel saga should now also move to the third round.

“Alien: Covenant 2” instead of “Alien 5”

While it is not yet clear where the journey will lead with the new movie, whether it is called “Alien: Covenant 2” or “Prometheus 3” (the script is still being written), it can be assumed that the new chapter will follow. the two previous prequels. According to Sott, the surviving designers should return and the moon LV-426, known as “Aliens,” where Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and the Nostromo crew meet the Xenomorphs, should also play a role. As a preliminary title, “Alien: Awakening” was announced in November 2018.

The first prequel “Prometheus” (2012) is set in the year 2093 and tells the story of a research group around Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) who is commissioned by the Weyland Corporation to trace the origins of humans in remote parts of the world. universe. In the follow-up to “Alien: Covenant,” released in 2017, the focus is on the crew of a colonization spacecraft, who are all alone on a hostile planet far from home when they encounter intelligent and dangerous aliens.

It was not clear for a long time whether instead of another film that is shown before the events of the original series, a sequel would be expected. But it’s been a long time sure “Alien 5” is dead, or at least on hold until further notice. South African filmmaker Neill Blomkamp, ​​who celebrated his breakthrough before his 30th birthday with Peter Jackson’s “District 9,” stayed in the sci-fi genre with films like “Elysium” and “Chappie,” as well as several short films. , what can you see on YouTube, also after that and recommended himself as the creator of “Alien 5”. After the first concept images for the film became available, the film ultimately came to nothing. Blomkamp is done with the movie, but is already working on the next sci-fi cult revival: “RoboCop Returns.”

It is not known when the third prequel to “Alien” will hit theaters. Given that the script should be finished by now, a theatrical release in 2021 seems obvious.