Amor prohibido: nuevas estrellas y un nuevo concepto

Forbidden love: new stars and a new concept

Forbidden love: new stars and a new concept


wantedon 04/25/2013 | 11:15

Will “Forbidden Love” succeed again with new stars and a new concept? ARD has plans for daily soap in the near future …

The forbidden love continues!

Fans of the ARD series “Verbotene Liebe” had to be very strong lately. After all, it wasn’t clear for a long time whether “Forbidden Love” would be discontinued or not. But meanwhile the go-ahead was given: ARD is sticking with soap and has even come up with some ideas to counter the drop in ratings. So some new actors will expand the cast and shake up the world of the beautiful, rich and aristocratic. “Martha Wolf” (Julia Sontag) will be the first to come to Düsseldorf to pursue a career as a designer at “LCL”. The cousin of the three Wolf sisters will stir up the dusty world of the fashion group “LCL” because she is cheerful, clumsy and deceived almost every opportunity. Kristian Kiehling will reinforce the Verbotene Liebe Soap crew. To whom will the beautiful stranger turn her head?

Forbidden love: this is the new one!

Forbidden love with a new concept

In addition to some new roles, there will also be a new concept for “Verbotene Liebe”. Producer Elke Kimmlinger reveals: “The telenovela aspect should be emphasized more.” What does this mean for “Forbidden Love”? “On the basic structure of ‘Forbidden Love,’ the biggest arches are told over and over again as love stories,” says the producer. Kimmlinger also has an explanation ready for the recent poor ratings: “It’s just a broadcast space issue,” he said. So in no way was it due to the show’s plot. For this reason, ARD is also confident that the new stars and the soap opera concept will be able to attract more viewers to television again.

We are excited about the new concept of “Forbidden Love”. As die-hard fans of the series, we can’t understand why the ratings are so bad anyway. And we also look forward to the new characters. A handsome man has never hurt a series.

Image sources: Image 1: Facebook / VerboteneLiebe; Image 2: gettyimages / AFP